“As a family owned and managed business, not owned by a large national group, we are able to provide a more personal service which ensures that arrangements and wishes are carried out with the highest level of care and respect.”



When someone we love dies, it generally comes as a shock and days that follow can be both busy and confusing ones for all concerned. As your friend and independent family Funeral Director, we strive to provide a personalised service where each funeral is individually tailored at a competitive price. We are here to help you make all the necessary arrangements, offer support and kindly guide you through a difficult time.


We can supply and erect new memorials, renovate existing memorials and add additional inscriptions to existing memorials. A comprehensive selection of Memorials is available.

Funeral Plans

Thinking of the Future? Some people wish to make their funeral arrangements in advance, easing the burden on those they leave behind. For this reason we provide a pre-paid Thornalley Funeral Plan:
· A Local Funeral Plan
· A Local Price
· A Local Independent Funeral Director
· A National Funeral Planning Trust Fund